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Contemporary elegance, appeal and nonchalance

The Walter Wolf collection is synonymous with sophistication, unparalleled attention to detail, exemplary designs and fabrics selected from only the finest selections. It is no wonder that pure luxury and refined elegance emanate every season. Its style is delivered through the deliberate recovery of a formal elegance drawn from the past but projected into the present: an aristocratic mindset proposed with a subtle irony using classic staples of the male wardrobe such as the hat reconfigured with a heightened crown.

As in the famous portrait of Robert de Montesquieu, the soft shirt in fabrics so comfortable they resemble jersey, features a raised collar, almost as a turtle neck, sometimes emphasised by a tie, or alternatively with classic collar, tightly controlled by stiffeners. Impeccable details designed to enhance both the stance and the figure, which is immaculately defined by the jacket with its shoulders shaped by tiny rolled seams and tube sleeves in the new cutter style, that caress the body without constraint. Precious fabrics adopt the visual motifs of drapery, mixing weaves and colours, but in a very different texture – much softer – and with extra resilience guaranteed by the inclusion of polyester. Meticulous inner detailing adds to the character of the garments. Trousers are reduced in volume and tapered giving the wearer an allusion of greater height. The signature waistcoat is presented in two styles: one with shawl type turnovers that almost disappear when buttoned up, while the second features closely spaced buttons, always worn with a shirt and tie.

The Walter Wolf collection takes a man’s favourite pieces and modernizes them with clean lines, unexpected details and an urban sensibility. The looks are flexible enough to dress up or sport down allowing a man to personalize and create his own sense of style. A fusion of cultures, crossover of tastes, and interplay of contrasts is quite obvious this season: creating an unusual equilibrium between jackets that verge on the formal and comfortable lightweight trousers in shantung. In this juxtaposition of styles that brings to the city a relaxed and elegant savoir vivre, the jacket – always deconstructed but perfectly tailored – favours Prince of Wales checks and chalk stripes, fabrics that may seem traditional but actually emphasise the precise structure of the garment. A change of direction is also apparent in the traditional Walter Wolf classics, featuring darts for a slim midriff and legs that taper lightly towards the hem, imparting élan to the figure: an effect that is reinforced by the reappraised dimensions of the jacket, slightly shorter and slimmer than recently. In this contemporary collection the suit is given fresh proportions, with the jacket slightly shorter than previously, peak lapels and side vents, and the trousers in a slimmer cut, all contributing to a silhouette that follows the natural line of the body.

Materials of supreme quality impart a sense of true value to luxury wear, meeting the established criteria of traditional tailoring. Following on in this vein, the overcoat reassumes its important role in the male wardrobe, with attention lavished on every detail: rope shoulders, three buttons, fully lined, sometimes even with a chinstrap, in 100% cashmere, camel hair or in doublé fabric for the double-breasted version.
Of critical importance to this formal look are the shirts in luxury fabrics with micro-weave patterns, and double-twist threads for striped and ribbed effects. For an extra touch of refinement, pure silk comes with either a regular or faded finish. Alternatively, flocks in mini patterns or alternating stripes, as well as printed velvets, cater for the most fashion conscious.
Leatherwear also includes ultra-light Napa leather processed with pure aniline. There are prints with minute open work that enhances their lightness and recalls linen gauze. Leather apparel is lined with cool linen. Special manufacturing methods marked by contrasting stitches and linen finishes on the inside ensure the refined appeal of the timeless biker jacket and blazer. The Walter Wolf handmade label identifies the craftsmanship inherent in any item in glove-quality Napa, and in Napa hand-cut on the bias.

The most celebrated streets in the world and prestigious shopping destinations have been the focal point of many contemporary and historical events. “A really exciting challenge – that is how I would describe our new concept store,” says Walter Wolf. It is a special project which required a degree of courage, as it brings together in one space different elements from the Walter Wolf luxury ensemble. “You could say that this is a provocative move – uniting in the same place and with the same furnishings, the various collections that combine to form the entire Wolf universe.” The Walter Wolf boutique presents an ultra-urban and international look that reflects the vibrant energy so typical of brand itself.

Walter Wolf and Citizen Watch Co.

Walter Wolf has partnered with Citizen Watch Co. to produce a range of luxury watches. The collection includes both chronographs and dress watches.

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