Walter Wolf Racing & Suzuki Motor Corporation

In the 1980’s Walter Wolf Racing and Suzuki Motor Corporation Japan cooperated on a project which saw Suzuki produce limited editions of Walter Wolf Racing branded Suzuki motorcycles. Pictured below is the 1986 RG500 Walter Wolf Special – a very limited, very distinctive edition of the 500cc Suzuki machine. A Walter Wolf model was introduced, available in dark blue, red and gold colour.

Suzuki Motor Corporation also offered the RG50, RG250 and RG400 Gamma and other models painted in the racing team’s colours.

However, the Walter Wolf livery was not limited only to street legal Suzuki motorcycles but was also present on the race track.

Thirty years after the successful partnership between the Suzuki Motor Corporation and the Walter Wolf brand an exciting new project is in the works: the conceptualisation of Walter Wolf branded limited edition Suzuki products – from scooters to the most powerful models.

Walter Wolf Hypercar Project

With enthusiasm Walter Wolf formula one team won races in Argentina, Canada and Monte Carlo. Due to our extensive, long time experience in formula one grand prix racing, we possess the knowledge required to produce special materials such as carbon and ceramics.

We made a sport prototype for the testing and evaluation of advanced materials as a base for a hyper car. Carbon-Kevlar monocoque construction, ceramic brake disks and carbon wheels. Powered by four electric engines, one for each wheel and sophisticated carbon nano tubes batteries in the rear of the vehicle.

Walter Wolf Leisure Products

Walter Wolf produces a limited editions of high quality products for sport and leisure living.

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