Walter Wolf Cigarettes

Walter Wolf cigarettes are all about Prestige. Not many other cigarette brands are able to match Walter Wolf cigarette’s style and status. The first Walter Wolf cigarette was created exclusively for tobacco connoisseurs. By adhering to the original principles of superlative quality, the Walter Wolf Limited Edition cigarettes were then established; a portfolio of blends which have earned praise around the world as symbols of craftsmanship, superior taste and refinement. Walter Wolf cigarettes are distinguished by a full flavour in a classy hard pack.


Edition This limited edition offers the same pleasure and qualities as the well
known “blue” full-flavoured Walter, but comes in two eye-catching limited
edition packs.


Walter Wolf is a full-flavoured cigarette,
chosen by individuals who love the sensation of speed. Chosen tobaccos from the
finest provinces create a classic full-flavour blend.


Inspired by the original Walter Wolf cigarettes, the Walter Wolf Whites offer the
familiar Walter Wolf flavour and aroma, but in a milder tone.

Walter Wolf offers sparkling wines with a sense of tradition, wines that make fine gifts for others or a special treat for oneself. The range includes champagnes for all occasions, to be enjoyed on their own or with food, whether savoury or sweet. Whatever the occasion, you’ll discover a champagne of rare balance between freshness and intensity.


A worthy exemplar of the Walter Wolf brands quest for excellence, this is a distinctively fresh, fullbodied champagne with impeccable consistency of taste. Emblematic of the richness and finesse that characterise the “Brda” vineyards, it is synonymous with the brand’s credo of superlative quality.


It offers the eye radiant colour, its nose is intense and elegant. The wine is bright, clear pink in colour with shades of yellow and orange. The sparkle is delicate but lively, with light, elegant bubbles. Notes of raspberry, wild strawberry and cherry predominate, followed by a touch of dried fruits and pastry. These are offset by caramel and vanilla accents.

Walter Wolf Herbal Drops

Walter Wolf herbal drops are the refreshment of choice for the discerning person. The drops feature blends of over 13 different herbs with hints of alpine freshness and have a soothing effect on the mouth and throat. Added value comes in the form of their premium, reflective packaging with an embossed Walter Wolf logo. The three blends of flavours offered are Swiss Herbs, Strong Mint and Pepermint.

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